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Zagorje-continental Croatia

Dear visitors, dear guests,

If you decide to visit Zagorje a bit, a very good decision. Among numerous cultural and historical monuments, Krapina Neanderthal museums only 1 km from the accommodation, Zagorje has fascinating thermal springs. A short car ride visit Tuheljske Toplice known for its healing thermal water and wellness services or hop to Aquae Vivae in Krapinske Toplice, which offers another opportunity to relax in thermal water, wellness center, wave pool and huge slide. And after all, return to Hiža, an oasis of peace and tranquility

When a vacation turns into a fairy tale

Everything is there, everything that every real fairy tale must have – forests, castles and manors, museums, thermal springs, churches, paths, vineyards and wine roads, delicious food, dear people, stories, legends and "popevka".

It seems to many that they know everything about Zagorje and that something can hardly surprise them. What they may not have found out, they were told by those who like to talk about Zagorje. And zagorje likes to talk about because there is something to talk about...

Those who at first sight fell in love with green hills and steep vineyards love to talk about Zagorje, and these are the ones who always gladly return to Zagorje. Each time to a different hill to which leads another winding particle, at the end of which there is a castle or church...

Those who have tried homemade turkey with mlinci, famous Zagorje štrukli or moved under brajde and had a glass of top quality wine from one of the many renowned Zagorje wineries with their host also talk enthusiastically about Zagorje. These are experiences that many would always be happy to repeat. And they're always happy to repeat them.

Nature lovers and active holidays have a lot to say about Zagorje, such as hikers, runners or cyclists, for whom one day is never enough to pass and see everything they imagined, so in a few days they return again. They just climb to the top and think that there is no better view, a more beautiful trail or a more beautiful descent, and the next time they discover something new, equally beautiful, but different in everything.

All those who know what it's like to recharge their batteries, put on a comfortable robe and put on slippers while waiting for a massage or are on their way to the pool in a tip-top spa will also talk about Zagorje. And when you ask them which spa are the best, they won't be able to decide because they all have something that others don't have, but together they have everything.

Those who love history and art will also tell you about Zagorje because Zagorje is an area that has a lot to show - from the Paleolithic and Krapina neanderthal man through the Middle Ages and Matija Gubec to recent times and world-famous artists, modern hotels, famous restaurants and wellness centers.

You can write and talk about Zagorje to your heart's content, but it is best to stop by this green hilly sea yourself, choose the thematic route "The best of Zagorje" and check all these stories so that you can tell others about Zagorje.

Zagorje is ready for your safe and relaxing holiday. We're waiting for you.