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National parks - Dalmatia

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We offer excursions to numerous National Parks (Kornati National Park, Krka National Park, Vrana Lake Nature Park, Paklenica National Park). You should definitely visit the city of Šibenik and St. Michael's Fortress, the cathedral......

The island of Murter is only 6 meters away from the mainland, so this distance is bridged by a drawbridge, which makes the island accessible and gives it an additional charm.

It is known for its beautiful sandy and pebble beaches and besides the famous ones – Slanica, Kosirina, Čigrađe, Podvrške, Lovišća, etc., there is a large number of small coves, hidden from the eyes and away from the bustle of larger beaches.

On the island of Murter there are four settlements: Murter, Betina, Jezera and Tisno.

Betina is a place on the northeastern coast of the island of Murter, only 35 km away from Sibenik.

Due to the picturesqueness and preservation of the historical core, the place is protected as a mention of culture. Because of these features and beautiful views, many call her "the beauty of folk Mediterranean architecture.

If you are interested in cultural sights, we recommend that besides the church of St. Franja visit the Plitka vala where the remains of ancient Villa Rustica and the ancient Roman cemetery are located, and between Betina and Murter, in the area of Gradina there are remains of the ancient town of Colentum with old villas and a cistern. Nearby is the early Christian church of Our Lady of Gradina from the 6th century.

Beetina, along with Korčula, is the most famous and oldest seat of excellent calafs (shipbuilders in wood). It is one of the last havens of wooden shipbuilding in Europe.

We offer excursions to numerous national parks (Np Kornati, Krka National Park, Nature Park Vrana Lake, Paklenica National Park. You should definitely visit the city of Sibenik and St. Michael's Fortress.